Travelling to the United States?

Quick Comparison Guide

Please refer to actual product pages for more details about the SIM Card.
This is meant as a quick reference guide and not a detailed guide to the product.

PlanCoverage AreaCallsSMSDataAdditional Features
T-MobileUnited States + Canada + MexicoUnlimited Local in USAUnlimited Local in USAUnlimited*
Ultra Mobile
(Powered by T-Mobile Network)
United States onlyUnlimited LocalUnlimited LocalUnlimited*
(2GB LTE, 2GB 3G)
Unlimited International Calls to Singapore and selected countries
Cricket Wireless
(Powered AT&T Network)
United States + Canada + MexicoUnlimited Local in USA/Canada/MexicoUnlimited Local in USA/Canada/MexicoUnlimited*
(4GB / 22GB LTE)
Unlimited SMS to Singapore and selected countries on selected plans

AT&T has the best and widest network coverage in USA.
T-Mobile coverage can be spotty depending on which part of the United States you are in.