How Much Data Do I Need?

We’ll help you work out how much data you actually need so that you know what’s the best SIM Card for your needs; whether it’s for social media, surfing the web, GPS, Maps or video and music. Most people tend to overestimate the amount of data they need while they are overseas and we’re here to help you decide what’s best for you!

Remember to also check out our Data Saving Tips in order to reduce your data usage while you are overseas!

1. Understanding your Current Data Usage Patterns

A good guideline to see how much data you use is to check your current usage pattern!

Your local telco or phone itself will give you a monthly summary of how much data you’ve used in a month.
This will serve as a fantastic guideline on how much data you’ll use on your overseas trip.

Android Phone: Go to “Settings” then “Data Usage” and you’ll see how much data you used in a period of time.
iPhone: Go to “Settings” then “Cellular” and you’ll see how much data you have used.

You can also check your Telco’s Apps, such as “My Singtel”, “My M1” or “My StarHub” App.

2. What can I approximately do with 1GB of data?

1GB of data works out to (all these are estimates):

  • Sending/Receiving about 1 million emails without attachments or 2,000 emails with attachments.
  • Stream or download around 200 songs or 14 hours on Spotify (Standard Quality)
  • Stream or download around 1 hour worth of High Definition Videos
  • Uploading around 300 high definition photos
  • 8 hours of non-stop Facebook and Instagram with auto-play turned off
  • Using navigation non-stop (24/7) for 8 days (See our Data Saving Tips!)

While all these are estimates, the best is to still check your own usage patterns with your monthly telco bill.