Refunds and Exchanges Policy

Refunds and Exchanges are handled differently depending on the type of product purchased.

For SIM Cards, the SIM Card Refund and Exchange Policy applies.
For all other products, the General Refund and Exchange Policy Applies.

Refunds and Exchanges Policy for SIM Card Products

Short and Simple Version
(Long Version still applies)

  1. Read and perform the steps stated on the instruction sheet provided. This must be done when you receive the SIM Card.
  2. Contact SIMCARD.SG via our Support Channels if you have ANY issue with the SIM Card. Do not contact any third parties, such as, but not limited to, the telco or any third party retailers that are not related to SIMCARD.SG. We will not take responsibility for any information that a third party tells you. Any advice you take from a third party is a private transaction between you and the third party – SIMCARD.SG will NOT provide any form of reimbursement, monetary or otherwise.
  3. If you don’t contact us during your trip via WiFi or any other means, SIMCARD.SG will NOT provide a refund for any issues that you claim AFTER YOUR TRIP.
  4. Refunds allowed if SIM Card is proven to be faulty and completely unusable. Partial refunds will be provided if the SIM Card malfunctions mid-way through the trip. If the SIM Card does not work due to steps on the instruction sheet not being followed, SIMCARD.SG will not provide any refunds. A SIM Card is only considered faulty if it does not connect to a telco network while inserted in an Android or iOS device that has the ability to make and receive calls and support data connection on a 3G or 4G LTE Network (i.e. the device must be a PHONE). Usability of the SIM Card is determined solely by telco usage records (data, call or SMS usage). If customers use the device in a non-phone device, such as, but not limited to, tablets, MiFi Router Devices, support provided by SIMCARD.SG will be limited. Under no circumstances will refunds be provided for telecom provider issues, such as but not limited to billing, service outages and reception issues.
  5. Refunded SIM Cards must reach us within 7 days of refund approval by our support hotline, unless prior arrangement has been made.
    If the SIM Card is not returned to us by the date specified, no refund will be provided.
  6. SIM Card refund requests will only be entertained if they were made within 60 days of the original purchase. SIMCARD.SG does not recommend purchasing a SIM Card too far in advance due to potential changes in telco plans and other factors outside our control. It is recommended to purchase at least 10 days but less than 60 days in advance of your travel date.

Long Version

  1. Refunds are provided ONLY if the SIM Card is *FAULTY* (i.e. your phone CANNOT detect the SIM Card). Issues that are outside of SIMCARD.SG’s control, such as telecom operator billing, telecom operator system or telecom operator service issues are not eligible for any form of compensation or refund. SIMCARD.SG is a retailer for Prepaid SIM Cards and does not operate or act on behalf of the telecom company that issues the SIM Cards. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the products sold, we do not provide refunds under any other circumstances other than “Courtesy Refunds” or “Faulty SIMs”.
  2. Refunds WILL NOT be provided if the customer does not perform the steps stated on the instruction sheet, including any necessary configuration steps that may be required for the device that the SIM Card is being used on.
  3. Refunds WILL NOT be provided if the issue is due to customer device incompatibility with telco network or if the customer is using a non-phone device such as, but not limited to, tablet, MiFi Router, WiFi Router, Mobile Router. Your device must have the ability to make and receive phone calls. We advise that you check your phone frequency on the country’s network with websites such as In general, phones built within the last 4 years that support should have no issue with most country’s telco networks. If your phone does not support LTE, it may have SERVICE ISSUES that are not within our control .
  4. Refunds WILL NOT be provided if you have paid the telecom company additional money or top-up without first consulting our support channels (e.g. Facebook Chat, WhatsApp Messenger). The SIM Cards sold at SIMCARD.SG are already pre-loaded with the value advertised and top-up or additional payments are not required.
  5. Refunds must be made with original SIM Packaging intact – do NOT throw away the SIM Card or plastic packaging around the SIM.
    We reserve the right to deny a refund request if ONLY the SIM portion of a SIM Card is given to us.
  6. Refund claims due to “Faulty SIMs” are only allowed if you have contacted us while you are overseas and allow us to determine the issue with you. Customers are advised to contact our support channels within 12 hours of arrival at their destination if they have issues with setting up the SIM Card. If you inform us after your trip, we regret that we will NOT entertain any refund claims. All information provided by the customer must be verified to be factual and accurate with the telecom’s company or its partners before a refund will be issued. We request that customers cooperate with our support staff by providing factual and accurate information. If inaccurate or untruthful information is provided, we will not be able to do our investigation properly and refund claims will be rejected.
  7. Courtesy Refunds are provided if your trip is cancelled. Sufficient proof must be provided to SIMCARD.SG before approval will be granted (e.g. Original Cancellation confirmation from Airline/Travel Agency). SIMCARD.SG reserves the right to reject courtesy refunds if the claim is not initiated within 3 calendar days of your original travel date (i.e. if travel is on 1 May, refund request must be made by 3 May).
  8. Courtesy refunds do not extend to purchases made during a known event or travel advisory (as defined by the Singaporean Government or Major Travel Insurance Providers). Courtesy refunds will be subject to administrative fees, such as but not limited to, shipping costs and transaction fees.
  9. Refunds will only be made for purchases done in the last 60 days. It is recommended to purchase SIM Card at least 10 days but less than 60 days before travel.
  10. All refunded cards must reach us within 7 days of your claim, unless prior arrangements have been made. Shipping costs for “courtesy refunds” will be borne by the customer. SIM Cards that do not reach us within 7 days from claim process date or by the arranged dates will have the claim be deemed void and invalid and no further refund requests will be accepted.
  11. All refund claims must go through our support channels (as stated on the instruction sheet given to you, i.e. Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp Messenger) as we are able to solve most issues as long as you contact or inform us about it.

General Refunds and Exchanges Policy

Short and Simple Version

  1. General Refund and Exchange Policy excludes all SIM Card Products but otherwise applies to all other products sold by SIMCARD.SG.
  2. All items sold are strictly non-refundable unless otherwise stated on the listing. Manufacturer warranty terms will apply if item is determined to be faulty by the manufacturer or an authorized agent/technician.
  3. Refunds will only be provided if the item is determined to be faulty by the manufacturer or an authorized agent/technician. Refund requests must be initiated within 3 days of delivery. After 3 days, the standard manufacturer warranty policy will apply and no refund requests will be entertained.
  4. All standard manufacturer limited warranty policies apply to products sold by SIMCARD.SG. Please refer to the Device Manufacturer’s product page for the warranty terms. If unable to locate, please contact us for the link to the manufacturer’s warranty policy.
  5. SIMCARD.SG is a retailer for the products sold by the manufacturers and is unable to certify if the product is faulty. All fault determinations must be done by the manufacturer or its authorized agents/technicians. SIMCARD.SG’s policies does not modify, extend or make any additions to the Manufacturer’s Warranty Terms.
  6. Warranty only applies to hardware components (and not any software elements). Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, accidents, misuse, neglect, disassembly, alterations, external causes such as water damage, physical damage, excessive force, extreme environments. Warranty also does not cover personal dissatisfaction with the product.
  7. If warranty claims are processed by SIMCARD.SG, SIMCARD.SG does not cover any fees incurred by the customer (such as shipping, administrative, transport, etc.). All warranty replacement is carry-in only unless otherwise stated. The manufacturer may have separate warranty and replacement procedures.

Please also remember to view our Terms and Conditions

Revisions Made

  1. 6 May 2020: Adjusted date that claims must be made by for “Courtesy Refunds”
  2. 28 June 2021: Clarified courtesy refund policy and to excludes known events for SIM Card purchases
  3. 30Jan 2022: Made clearer that SIM Card must be activated within 60 days of purchase.