Terms and Conditions

  1. All orders will be dispatched within 24 to 48 hours of received funds on weekdays, subject to stock availability.
    Should there be an unexpected or unforeseen delay, the customer will be informed accordingly.
  2. SIMCARD.SG reserves the right to cancel or refuse an order for any or no reason. Examples of reasons may include, but are not limited to:
    • Product is out of stock
    • Payment failure or non-payment of order
    • Error in item or order details on our website
    • Cancellation by customer prior to order being shipped
  3. Customers agree to read and follow the instruction sheet provided with every SIM Card purchase upon receiving the SIM Card. SIMCARD.SG bears no responsibility for the loss of use of service or the product purchased if the customer fails to perform the steps stated on the instruction sheet. Instruction sheets will provide important information with regards to activation and usage of the product. They must be followed in order to use the SIM Card without issues. Activation request should be submitted immediately upon receiving the SIM Card. SIMCARD.SG may check the SIM Card for physical damage prior to sending it out to ensure that the SIM Card is not physically damaged. SIM Cards are tamper-proof smart-cards protected by electronic circuitry.
  4. Instruction sheets provided to Customers by SIMCARD.SG remains the property of SIMCARD.SG or its licensors and original authors and are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. All such rights are reserved by SIMCARD.SG. You may only use the instruction sheet solely for your own personal use in conjunction with the items purchased in the order. You are not permitted to publish, manipulate, distribute or otherwise reproduce, in any format, any of the content or copies of the content supplied to you for any other purpose, commercial or otherwise.
  5. SIMCARD.SG provides a support channel for any post-purchase enquiries for the duration of the stated validity of the SIM Card (i.e. from activation date to last day of validity of the SIM Card). Support is only provided for devices that have the ability to make and receive calls and support data connection on a 3G or 4G LTE Network (i.e. the device must be a PHONE). If customers use the device in a non-phone device, such as, but not limited to, tablets, MiFi Router Devices, support provided by SIMCARD.SG will be limited. Customers must know how to configure their own non-phone device and ensure that it is allowed by the telecom company’s Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policies.
  6. SIMCARD.SG does not have the ability to provide long-term support past the product’s validity period as stated on our product listing
    (i.e. if the card is valid for only 30 days, SIMCARD.SG only provides support for 30 days from the day of departure stated during purchase)
  7. All SIM Cards purchased from SIMCARD.SG is reloaded with sufficient value for the advertised validity period. Additional topup or payments are not required and not necessary when used within the parameters stated. SIMCARD.SG does not take responsibility for any additions (such as extensions, reloads, or promotions) that the customer may pay a third party to do so. Any payment made to a third party that is NOT SIMCARD.SG is a private transaction between the customer and the recipient of said payment and SIMCARD.SG does not take responsibility for such transactions.
  8. SIMCARD.SG accepts no responsibility for goods delayed or are missing due to the services of Singapore Post (SingPost), DHL or any other courier company.
    Customers are recommended to Self-Collect their order at our pickup points to ensure receipt of purchased products.
  9. Customers are to note that the SIM Cards that are sold may be changed or withdrawn anytime by the telecom provider. This is not within SIMCARD.SG’s control as a third-party reseller. Should there be changes within 2 months of purchase that may be disadvantageous (as determined by SIMCARD.SG) to the customer, based on the product description stated at the point of purchase, SIMCARD.SG will endeavour to contact and inform the customer of the changes. The customer can then opt to either proceed with the new plan or to opt for a refund as long as the SIM Card is unused at the point of refund. SIMCARD.SG recommends to purchase SIM Cards at least 10 days prior to travel, but less than 2 months in advance as telecom plans can and may change.
  10. SIMCARD.SG accepts no responsibility for the Telco’s service and network issues, such as but not limited to, network downtime, network coverage (3G/4G Network), network speed and issues that are not within our direct control. SIMCARD.SG acts as a retailer for the SIM Cards sold and cannot provide any guarantee as to the telecom’s company services.
  11. Customers are subject to the Telecom’s Company’s Terms of Services, Acceptable Use Policy and other Service Agreements. In the event that the customer’s SIM Card is suspended or terminated due to violation of such policies, SIMCARD.SG bears no responsibility for the loss of use of service or the product purchased.
  12. Customers are responsible for any customs or import fees that may be charged by customs in the delivery country.
  13. Product pictures are provided for illustration purposes only and the actual product may differ in looks; however, functionality is as stated on our product description.
  14. Should buyers have any issues with their purchases, please contact us first via the contact methods listed on our instruction sheets or on our website, SIMCard.SG, giving full details of any problems (e.g. screenshots, location, description) along with your User ID or Order Number.

Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy can be found here: https://www.simcard.sg/refund-policy/

Last updated: 1 June 2018

Revisions Made

  1. 29 May 2017: Added refunds necessary with SIM packaging intact
  2. 3 July 2017: Added notice on refunds for customer-initiated reload/topup with telco
  3. 9 August 2017: Refund Policy moved to new page
  4. 25 April 2018: Instruction Sheet, Activation Notice and SIM Card Testing Procedures Highlighted
  5. 1 June 2018: Formatting Changes
  6. 11 September 2018: Clarified telecom provider plan changes policy