Pre-Purchase Questions

Data Allowance

Q: How much data do I need? Do I need unlimited data?
A: Most of the time, you do NOT need an unlimited data SIM Card. Unlimited Data SIM Cards also come with restrictions and are not truly unlimited most of the time.

Q: Is the data allowance enough for me?
A: We are not able to advise how much data allowance you require as everyone has different data usage patterns.
As a general guideline, you can refer to your monthly usage on your telecom’s bill. You can also see our data calculator and data saving tips.

Q: Why is there no UNLIMITED DATA SIM Card for XXX country?
A: Please note that is almost always a catch with UNLIMITED DATA SIM Cards. Most telcos that offer Unlimited Data SIMs will have a FAIR USE POLICY on the plan, limiting the speed of your data plan after a certain level of usage. This is to prevent network abuse and to ensure network quality. Most of the time, you don’t need an unlimited data sim card as well.

Q: Your listing says UNLIMITED Calls or/and Text or/and Data. Is it really UNLIMITED?
A: We generally highlight all fine prints by telecom if there are any hidden terms and conditions, such as throttling after a certain speed or restriction after certain usage, if it is significant (e.g. after 1GB Data usage, your speed is restricted to 128kbps). Otherwise, it is generally unlimited as long as used reasonably and in a non-abusive way.

Unlimited usually means within reasonable use as determined by the telecom company’s FAIR-USE-POLICY.
Any abuse or unusual usage, will definitely violate the telecom’s company Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy or other Service Agreements.

What can be considered as abusive usage (this is an non-exhaustive list):

  • Making calls or sending SMSes in bulk for commercial usage
  • Sending 1000 text messages in a day
  • Sending unsolicited messages
  • Making unusually and abnormally high volumes of calls or text messages
  • Making non-stop international calls for excessive periods (especially for plans with advertised “unlimited international calls”)
  • Using SIM Card in a non-traditional method (i.e. not in a phone or approved cellular device)
  • Using Data plans to perform illegal acts, such as, but not limited to, P2P file sharing and illegal content

In the event that the customer’s SIM Card is suspended or terminated due to violation of such policies, SIMCARD.SG bears no responsibility for the loss of use of service or the product purchased.

Network / Device Compatibility

Q: Can I use the SIM Card on my phone? Is it compatible with my phone?
A: We advise that you check your phone frequency on the country’s network with websites such as

  • Please note that connecting to 4G LTE Network requires 4G LTE Capable Device

Phones supporting LTE Networks that were released within the last 4 years should have no issue with most country’s telco networks.
If your phone does not support LTE, it may have SERVICE ISSUES that are not within our control as telco may not have 3G/2G coverage everywhere.

Your phone must also be unlocked in order to use the SIM Cards sold on SIMCARD.SG.
All phones sold in Singapore by a telecom’s company are legally required to be unlocked devices.

Q: How good is the network coverage?
A: Network Coverage depends on the Network Operator in that country. SIMCARD.SG has absolutely no control over the network coverage of a telecom’s operator. We are a retailer and we do not operate the telecom company. Please refer to the product page for details on telco network or search on google with the keywords “[fill in area or city] telco coverage”.

Generally, at SIMCARD.SG, we do not sell SIM Cards that have limited coverage and offer less-than-ideal connectivity. We ask that customers have reasonable expectations as to network coverage; it is expected and normal that there is less or weaker coverage outside of major cities, in remote areas (e.g. while travelling between cities on highways, forested areas or places without permanent human population), inside or between subway stations, indoors or many other factors that may affect signal/speed. There is no way for any telco or us to guarantee that the SIM Card will have 100% connectivity in every single corner of a country.

Q: Can I retain my current number (local) when using the SIM Card?
A: Your phone number will be changed upon the insertion of a new SIM Card and you will not be able to receive calls or SMSes on your original number. If you are using services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, you may choose to retain your original phone number when prompted by the application.

Q: Is Tethering / Hotspot Permitted?
A: Unless otherwise stated on our listing description. Tethering / Mobile Hotspot is permitted on all SIM Cards from your phone. A phone is defined as a device that can make and receive calls and text messages. Please note that NOT ALL SIM CARDS permit usage of tethering or mobile hotspot. Kindly read the product description where SIMCARD.SG will specifically state so if tethering or mobile hotspot is not permitted.

Q: Can I use the SIM Card in a MiFi / Hotspot Sharing Device?
(also known as MiFi Egg, WiFi Egg, WiFi Router, Hotspot Router, Mobile Router)
A: We do not encourage the use of MiFi Devices. If you wish to use the SIM Card inside a MiFi Device, please ensure that you know how to configure the device and that the telco permits the usage of non-phone devices. We seek your understanding that we are unable to support setting up MiFi devices as there are too many variations in the market (even among the same model number) and require different procedures to set up. Kindly refer to your device’s manual for the setup steps. If the SIM Card permits hotspot/tethering, we recommend to hotspot/tether from your phone. Please check with your phone manual on how to set up hotspot/tethering.

Other Questions

Q: Why do you ask for my departure date?
A: This is to ensure that the SIM Card you are purchasing will work as advertised on your departure date. If you are unsure about the departure date, please give a rough estimate so that we can best advise if the SIM Card will be suitable for you.

Q: How do I activate the SIM Card?
A: Activation procedures are provided on our home-made instruction sheets that we send out with every purchase. Please read this instruction sheet immediately upon receiving the SIM Card as there may be additional registration steps.

Q: How do I register the SIM Card?
A: SIM Card Registration / Activation procedures are different for every SIM Card as each operator works differently. Please see the SIM Card Listing Description for information on activation or registration.

Q: Why do you need my Passport or Government ID?
A: Please note that not all SIM Cards require registration unless otherwise stated. SIMCARD.SG operates according to the legal requirements of the telecom company and laws of each country that issues the SIM Card. Every country has different rules and regulations on SIM Card Registration and we operate according to them. SIMCARD.SG does not provide illegal or unauthorized registration services; all documents are sent directly to the telecom’s company registration system.

Q: Can I use the SIM Card Long-Term / Top-up for Future Use?
A: All SIM Cards sold by SIMCARD.SG is intended for short term, tourist use, in the country that it is intended for use for. Usage outside the country stated or past the stated duration is not supported by SIMCARD.SG and is the responsibility of the telecom provider. Please note that not all SIM Cards can be reloaded.

Shipping and Collection

Q: When will my order be shipped out?
A: We endeavour to ship out all orders by the next business day after confirmed payment. Same-Day Courier must be ordered by 5pm for same day shipment.

Q: When will my order be delivered?
A: We utilize a number of third party delivery providers, such as but not limited to, SingPost, RoadBull and DHL eCommerce; unfortunately, we have no control over their delivery schedule and can only provide estimates as stated by the provider. SIMCARD.SG only guarantees that we will ship out by the next business day after confirmed payment. During peak season, shipping times may be longer than expected. We recommend that customers self-collect their products if possible to guarantee receipt of their purchases. Please check our collection and delivery page for more information.

Q: I chose Self-Collect. When can I collect my order?
A: We will contact you via WhatsApp at the contact number provided, by the next business day after confirmed payment, to schedule a collection when your order is ready.

Returns and Refunds

Q: What if the SIM Card does not work?
A: SIM Cards that we sell are covered by our refund policy and guarantee. Please also read the instruction sheets provided on configuring your SIM Card for use in your phone, the check the Troubleshooting Steps provided. Lastly you can also contact our support channels as stated on our instruction sheets.

Q: My Trip has been cancelled and I don’t need the SIM Card anymore.
A: You may request for a refund if your trip has been cancelled as per our refund policy, as long as the SIM Card has not been activated. Valid proof of trip cancellation must be provided to be eligible for a refund.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Our refund policy can be found on: