All China SIM Cards sold on SIMCARD.SG can bypass the GREAT FIREWALL OF CHINA!

100% Automatic VPN
Compatibility with ALL 4G/5G* unlocked phones
China Unicom Network

No Additional VPN Software Needed on your phone while in China
Stay connected to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and Work (GMail, Channel News Asia, Straits Times, CNN)
These SIM Cards are NOT subject to any filtering or blocking done by Great Firewall of China**

Please note that China Unicom is the only network in China that is 100% compatible with 3G / 4G / 5G Phones used by most people.

SIM Cards listed on SIMCARD.SG can only be used in CHINA.
There is no ROAMING SERVICE outside of designated countries.

** SIMCard.SG has no control over apps or services that may be blocked via other means (e.g. location detection) by the app providers themselves due to commercial reasons (such as being able to view Netflix show not available in your region). SIM Card only bypasses restrictions that are enforced by Great Firewall of China.