Stay connected while travelling through Europe with ease!
Prepaid SIM Cards that roam to many countries within the European Union.

Save the hassle and cost of purchasing a SIM Card in every country you go to. A single SIM Card works for all the countries stated in the respective product pages!

Quick Comparison Guide

Please see the respective product pages for more detailed information about the SIM Cards.

Package Calls** SMS** Maximum
Network Speed
Tethering / Hotspot* (See Notes)
8GB / 12GB
30 Days Europe
Yes Yes 4G LTE Permitted*
15 Day Europe + Turkey Data Only No No 4G LTE Permitted*
5GB / 20GB / 50GB
30 Days Europe with Data Upsize Bonus
Yes Yes 4G LTE*

** Packages that include Free Minutes/SMS/Texts do not include usage for PREMIUM/TOLL/PAID phone numbers. Many business-related phone numbers are PREMIUM/TOLL/PAID numbers that are NOT FREE for anyone. We are not able to advice if the numbers being called are premium or not as it is impossible for us to keep track.

* Tethering/Hotspot Policies for ALL Europe SIM Cards

We regret to inform that we cannot provide ANY guarantee or support for tethering or hotspot on ANY device on ANY Europe SIM Card – regardless of Android, iPhone, Tablet or MiFi Devices.

This is because different telcos have different policies on tethering when you travel to different countries; even if the SIM Card permits tethering/hotspot, it can be disabled by local country telco.

We seek your understanding that it is impossible for us to provide a list or advice which telco/countries allow tethering as there are over 42 countries and 100 telecom companies and policies can change from day to day and area to area.

Please note that if the SIM Card has a strictly prohibited NO TETHERING policy, the telco WILL terminate/suspend cards if caught tethering and we will not be responsible for your SIM Card once it is terminated.