Stay connected while travelling through Europe with ease!
Prepaid SIM Cards that roam to many countries within the European Union.

Save the hassle and cost of purchasing a SIM Card in every country you go to. A single SIM Card works for all the countries stated in the respective product pages!

Quick Comparison Guide

Please see the respective product pages for more detailed information about the SIM Cards.

Package Calls** SMS** Passport
Tethering / Hotspot
10GB / 12GB
30 Days EU / EEA and UK
Yes Yes No Permitted*
9GB – 36GB Data
28 Days EU / EEA + UK + Switzerland + Turkey
Yes Yes Yes Permitted*
10GB – 19GB Data
28 Days EU / EEA and UK
Yes Yes Yes Permitted*
15 Day EU/EEA + UK + Eastern Europe (Data Only) No No No Permitted*

** Free Minutes/SMS/Texts are only to regular phone numbers within the covered country. It does not include PREMIUM/TOLL/PAID phone numbers. Some business-related phone numbers are PREMIUM/TOLL/PAID numbers that are NOT FREE to call.

* Tethering/Hotspot Policies for ALL Europe SIM Cards

We are not able to provide advice on tethering/hotspot/internet sharing from any other devices other than phones.

Most of the time, tethering/hotspot should work without any issues in most countries and telco providers. However, we are not able to guarantee availability as local country telcos may have their own policy. Most of the time, changing the telco the SIM Card is connected can fix the problem.

We seek your understanding that it is impossible for us to provide a list or advice which telco/countries allow tethering as there are over 42 countries and 100 telecom companies and policies can change over time.

Network Coverage / Local Telco

All SIM Cards connect to major telcos in each country and area and generally have no problems in areas with a permanent human population. Service may be naturally be limited in areas like tunnels, remote areas (e.g. mountains, forests), underground, indoors.

We seek your understanding to have reasonable expectations on service coverage as Europe is a huge continent and it is not possible to expect 100% coverage.