SIMCARD.SG offers SIM Cards from all three major Australian Telcos – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

Please ensure that your Australian VISA has been approved and is valid before purchase.
No refund will be made if you cannot activate the SIM due to invalid or denied VISA.
You MUST enter Australia in order to activate the SIM Card after you have an approved VISA.

Please check the coverage areas for the three telcos before making your purchase as the telco of your choice may not cover the same area.

Australia has no 2G Network.
Your phone must support 3G or 4G LTE Network.

Quick Comparison between the three major telcos in Australia

Telstra Optus Vodafone
Network Coverage BEST COVERAGE
Covers 99% of population

City and Countryside
Telstra Coverage Map
Covers 98.5% of Population
Excellent in Cities
Good in Countryside
Optus Coverage Map
Covers 96% of Population
Good Coverage in Cities
Weaker in Countryside
Vodafone Coverage Map
 Data Allowance Least Generous Middle Most Generous
  Phone Number Issued after activation Issued after activation  Issued after activation
Online Activation Process
(for Non-Australians)
Optional Registration Service provided by SIMCARD.SG Optional Registration Service provided by SIMCARD.SG Optional Registration Service provided by SIMCARD.SG

LycaMobile Australia Prepaid SIM Cards operate on Telstra’s 4G LTE Network as of 2018 and has very good coverage, with huge data allowance and international call package included.

If you are going to Tasmania, you MUST get the Telstra or LycaMobile SIM Card. All other telcos have less than ideal coverage there.

Registration Information

All Australian SIM Cards require registration on the Telco Website.

You must have a valid Australian Visa and Passport to register the SIM Card. SIM Cards can only be registered after arrival and can be done on the phone; no need WiFi or Laptop.

For Australians, or if you have an Australian friend with Australian ID, you can activate the SIM Card anytime online.

General Activation Information

Due to Australian regulations, it is not possible to activate SIM Card before arrival in Australia to get phone number. There is no requirement to provide an Australian phone number on any immigration forms prior to your arrival. We urge customers to check the form and it is always possible to enter a foreign number.

SIM Card can only be activated after arrival and passing immigration.

SIM Card must be used within 24 hours of activation otherwise it will be terminated by telco.

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